Few Tips for Running a Successful WooCommerce Website

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August 4, 2015
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August 4, 2015
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Few Tips for Running a Successful WooCommerce Website

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Few Tips For Running A Successful Woocommerce Website


WooCommerce is one of the WordPress eCommerce plugins that is currently available for all those who want to start an online store for them self. It is a very robust platform for launching your web store online.

The WooCommerce plugin along with the WordPress offers to its users a great number of tools that will help you the perfect online store for yourself. The website is flexible and you can customize as and how you want it to look. For those who are just beginning there is good news, the website allows free membership. However while some of its basic features are for free the extended services might have to be paid for. But where is the harm when they are offering such great services and when in return your online store is only going to reap you benefits!

In this article we will be discussing some tips that are going to come handy in running a successful WooCommerce based website. These are some basic tips which you can easily follow without consuming much of your time.

  • First and foremost visual impact is the most powerful when it comes to selling your product online. Customer’s eyes should get attracted to the products that you want to sell. Hence it is very important that you must click good pictures of the product that you are planning to sell. Please ensure that the photo shoot of the products is appealing yet at the same time all the details of the products should be clear. For instance if you are selling a shirt, he color should be clear and visible. The customer should not be in doubt about the dimensions and the other details about the product. It is very important that the customer must be able to zoom in and zoom out the product. Try clicking pictures of the product from multiple angles. This would give a holistic view to the customer.
  • The about page of your website should be telling your story in the most interesting way as possible. You see everyone wants to know a story of the brand. The greater the way you put up your story the more they would relate with your brand. You must have an identity. If you have a motto, your motto should be in sync with the services that you offer to your customers. As far as the products go, try adding as much information as possible about the product. Don’t get into too much of long text as that could make the customer lose interest. You can add a table that contains all the information about your product.
  • Try adding a blog section on your website which would have the latest information on what is going on in the market in concern with the products that you are selling. For instance you have a website that sells cosmetics; you can always start writing blogs on the latest trends that are going on in the fashion world. Let’s say a blog like “ombre the new hair color this season”. This way you will ensure more and more customers on your website. You see the aim of a website is to have the customers, come back to you again and again. You have to ensure that everything that they need to know about in the category that you sell is available on your website. This has to be a one stop destination.

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  • Newsletters are a great way to reach out to the customers. You can always request your website customer visitors to share their email ids with you so that you can share the latest offers and blogs with them. The beauty about newsletters is that even if the customers do not visit the website they are constantly updated about the attractive deals the latest trends in the market and many more details through mails.
  • Give your customers a platform to express their views. You must let your customers give their opinions about the services that you offered to them. The positive reviews will boost your morale and at the same time will get more traffic to your website. Even the negative feedbacks should not be taken wrongly as you can always improve upon the area that you probably overlooked.
  • Don’t forget about making your content SEO friendly. Please ensure that the content, the key words, the Meta tags and the site map all are in sync. If they are in sync the search engine will find it easier to pop up your website when a customer is looking for the product category that you are selling. For this you will have to constantly keep updating your website. Please don’t over use the key words as that would only make the experience of the customer very irritating and he might never return to your website.
  • For those customers who need your assistance you must be readily available to help you out. Your customers should have an easy point of contact to convey their grievances. This could be refund of money or non-delivery of product.
  • Have schemes like loyalty points for your customers. That is for every purchase that they make they should get points which they should be able redeem at a later stage. You can attract customers by having seasonal discounts or special discounts.
  • You must have a safe and secure payment system. Decide on the payment system that you want to have. You would not want people to say that the payment gateway is not safe and secure as that image can be very damaging for the traffic that comes to your website.

While these are just a few points to ensure that the website is up and running, you must keep in mind that for an online store to run successfully change is the key. You must make constant updates and keep adding something new for your website. The website should attract your customers eyes, the deals that you offer should appeal to them and last but not the least it should be easy for them to manoeuvre around.

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