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Amfahtech Ltd provide web consultancy services to small and medium businesses aiming to set up or build an online presence. We specialise in web designing, development and marketing. As a responsible business in the UK, trying to provide professional services at a low cost, Amfahtech Ltd provide online and telephone based services to our customers around the world.


Our History

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AMFAHTECH, was formed in Manchester, England by the 2 founders, Tani and Ali during the summer months of year 2009. The primary focus of the founders, was to provide Web Design services to new and small businesses, and to help their smooth and effective transition to web advertising and e-business.

Although the duo began work by themselves, providing simple brochure and e-commerce website designs; the founders soon built a team of professionals in all areas of web development and web marketing, to meet the needs of their customers.

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AMFAHTECH has recruited a team of developers providing an online service

The aim of this is to provide a professional service without the added cost of office expenses.

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AMFAHTECH now provide web maintenance and product photography services for e-commerce customers.

We have over 200 customers on our domain and hosting database.

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AMFAHTECH have started providing professional web-software solutions for businesses who wish to have a bespoke software designed specifically for their business. The web-based software can be used at anytime, from anywhere – just connect to the internet. No waiting, no downloads and no monthly fees.

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AMFAHTECH have expanded again! This time, we’re providing brand management services including logo design, letterhead designs, business card designs and flyer/poster designs.

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AMFAHTECH have recruited a  team of web marketing and SEO professionals to provide effective and efficient web marketing services to all our customers.

We provide weekly and monthly SEO contracts and deal in on-page and off-page SEO to get increased targeted traffic to your website and higher rankings on search engine results.

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AMFAHTECH Ltd now provides the full range of web design, development and marketing services. We have recruited professional web-content writers to write professional, SEO friendly and original content for our customers.

We are now providing more contemporary web designs. All our website are created with responsive themes that can be optimised for viewing on major mobile devices.

AMFAHTECH Ltd now aims to not only help businesses get an online presence but to boost their online presence to get the best out of the web. Our designs are simple, elegant, professional, easy-to-navigate and quick-loading.

To take a peek at our recent works, visit our portfolio and be the judge of the quality and professionalism of our work. Don’t forget to contact us for any queries, concerns or a no-obligation, free quotation.

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Our passion is shown in our service provision.

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Positive feedback



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Average cost per hour



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Our Team Members


  • Miss Tani – CEO
  • Mr Ali – HR Manager
  • Mr Muhammad Raza – SEO Manager
  • Miss Iffy – Content Writer
  • Mr Hali –  Developer
  • Miss Jade – Designer
  • Mr John – Programer

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