SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

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August 4, 2015
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August 4, 2015
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SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

Best SEO Tips For WordPress Website


Ever wondered that why despite the fact that you have a WordPress account that has endless articles and images on it, is still not getting the attention that it deserves? Why is it so that no matter how much of content you pump in, nothing seems to work for the popularity of your article? This is where the concept of SEO comes in.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the backbone of your success in the virtual world. When one says that the blog or the article is meeting the SEO standards it means that the content is finding a place for itself in the top few results that the search engine pops up when you look for a particular topic.

While jazzing up a page with the perfect content and pictures would make you feel that they are more than enough to attract the right crowd on your page, but you are wrong! You will have to delve into some technicalities (which may be boring to some!) before your WordPress Website is absolutely ready to go online.

In this article we are going to discuss 10 basic tips that will take your WordPress website from average to the top most.

Quality Content

You must use good quality content for your Word Press website. Whatever is the theme it should be expressed clearly in your content? The keywords that you use to highlight the theme should be used often. The content that you write should be original, understandable and readable. You must try and write about themes of which you have an experience of or you believe in because only then will you be able to come up with quality content.

Proper Name for your Images

If you think that just uploading an image is enough then you are wrong. Along with the image that you upload it is also very important that you upload and save your images using the right key words. For instance you save your usual image as DSC01234.jpg, your image will never crop up in the search engine. Instead of that if you save the image with the name Niagra-Falls-Water-Canada.jpg, this is going to act as a catalyst to your WordPress website being more and more search engine optimized. Hence, try using the keywords as much as possible in the images. You can use the tool called SEO Friendly images.


Highlight keywords that revolve around the theme of your article. You can do so by using h1-h6 to highlight your headings and sub headings. You can also highlight some sentences that use a lot of keywords of your theme. And of course you can use strong tags as well. However please ensure that you do not over do the usage of keywords and highlighting as that would only make your audience irritated and they might never visit your site again.

Use Social Network for your benefit

Social Network is such a rage. The world indeed has become a smaller place thanks to social networking. You can reach out to the world within seconds. You have many social platforms where you can advertise your WordPress website to the write audience. You can do so by going onto Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms. Also you can try and promote links of other websites; you never know in goodwill someone else may promote your WordPress website. Please don’t over promote yourself as that feels as if you are pushing yourself on others and this would only cause others to detest your posts and you surely wouldn’t want that.

Use the Breadcrumb Feature

This is one of the best features that you can avail for your WordPress Website. The breadcrumb tool places your content in a hierarchical format. You must have noticed that the websites of the big companies like a travel website would use the breadcrumb format. For example you have a WordPress website in which you write about reviews on books, in that case you can have the breadcrumb tool systemize your site in a format like Books > English> History> Asia. This makes your website easy to manoeuvre upon and the user can easily go through the content without getting confused.

Emphasis on the Link Structure

The word press website has been such designed that it’s a user’s paradise for creating SEO content just that you must know how to use it to its maximum benefit. For your website to be SEO friendly it is important that your link must be easily searchable. You can play around with your permalinks in the settings to make it easier for Google to pop up your WordPress website on priority.

Effectively utilize sitemaps

The effective technique to let Google speed up the search for your WordPress website is by using sitemaps. In layman’s term by using sitemap you can help Google zero onto your website with speed. Try using the plugin, Google sitemap generator. After installing the plug in you need to go to Options and then Google sitemap and then build sitemap manually.

Refrain from using black hat techniques

To keep it short and simple, Google is too smart  to find out that you are using black hat techniques in your website and they will ensure that they punish your for it. Hence, simply put, just avoid it.

Backlinks – the benefit from others

You can link the webpages with other WordPress websites which are probably more popular than you. However add backlinks only if the content on the other website is related to your WordPress Website. Also do not add too many links as that would give a poor reflection of your website.

We hope that these 10 simple points will help you gain popularity on the World Wide Web. While they are very simple points but it so happens often that even a point missed can drop down your position on search engines drastically.


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