SSL Certificates


Amfahtech Ltd offers SSL certificates from Hostgator and Comodo, providing a range of options to secure and protect your sites.

We offer a variety of SSL certificates to be able to meet the many needs of our customers.

If you only need to secure a single site, HostGator recommends the Positive SSL for application needs and the Extended Validation certificate for eCommerce needs. However, you can use the Positive SSL for your ecommerce site as well.

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What Types of SSL are Available?

HostGator is happy to provide the following types of SSL for customers wishing to use secure connections to their sites. Here is an overview of the Comodo certificates we offer:

Validation Type Domain Domain Domain Domain Extended
Address Bar Color
Price (1 year1) £64.99 £109.99 £129.99 £94.993 £269.99
Warranty level $10,000 $250,000 $10,000 $10,000 $1,750,000


  • 1 All SSL certificates may be ordered for up to three years (with the exception of Comodo Extended Validation SSLs which may be ordered for up to two years) via our order form.
  • 3 Includes up to 3 domains and installation. Each additional domain raises the annual price by £54. See this article for more information on multi-domain SSLs.
  • 4 While the Positive and Comodo SSL certificates both technically only cover a single domain, HostGator will configure either of these products to cover both and at no extra cost!

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Domain Validated SSL Certificates for Single Domains

We offer two options to secure individual domains with an SSL certificate that is only domain validated. A domain validated SSL certificate only verifies that you are in control of the domain at the time of purchase.

Amfahtech Domain Validated SSL Certificates for Individual Domains (powered by HostGator):

Positive SSL and Comodo SSL Certificates

Amfahtech Ltd is pleased to offer you two options for SSL certificates. Each protects your site with 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption, and each can be ordered for up to three years.

The Positive SSL and Comodo SSL certificates are designed to cover a single domain (like or subdomain (like

Validation Type Domain Domain
Address Bar Color
Price (1 year) £64.99 £109.99
Price (2 year) £109.99 £199.99
Price (3 year) £159.99 £289.99
Warranty level $10,000 $250,000

The Positive SSL

The Positive SSL certificate is our most affordable option but offers strong protection for your information, and also includes Comodo’s $10,000 limited warranty.

The Comodo SSL

The Comodo SSL certificate also protects your data with the same security as the Positive SSL. However, each Comodo SSL comes with a $250,000 limited warranty against unauthorized transactions to give your visitors that extra measure of reassurance.

The Comodo SSL certificate is only £109.99 a year. Just go to our easy form to order your Comodo SSL today.

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Multi-domain SSL

Amfahtech is pleased to offer Comodo’s Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificate (powered through Hostgator), which makes it possible to secure up to 210 domains with a single certificate. You can mix all your different second level domains (e.g.,,,, and and even secure domains on different servers!


The Comodo Positive Multi-domain SSL

Comodo’s Positive Multi-Domain SSL certificate protects your sites with 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption. This certificate includes coverage for up to three domains and free installation for a basic price of only £94.99 per year, with a discount for longer term registrations as shown here:

Registration for up to 3 domains for: 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Price w/discount: £94.99 £169.99 £250.99
Note: Each additional domain raises the annual price shown above by £54. (Keep in mind that, for instance, and are treated as two separate domains.)

To order, please contact us via phone, email or Live Chat with a list of the domains you wish to purchase it for and your desired term length.

Adding Domains Mid-year

If you decide to add extra domains mid-year, the price is £54 per each new domain added.

NOTE: Though adding extra domains will require that your certificate be reinstalled with the new domains, it does not renew your certificate; the original expiration date remains the same and will apply to all domains.

For example, if you have a multi-domain SSL with three domains already, and you want to add coverage for a fourth domain mid-year, the fee would be £54 for the new domain. (We do not charge you for the domains you already paid for – only additional domains.)

However, if you have a multi-domain SSL with only two domains used and you have not used your third domain yet, then there is no charge to add the third domain, since that is included in the original fee.

To have extra domains added to an existing multi-domain SSL installation, please contact us via phoneemail or Live Chat.

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Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL Certificate enables SSL encryption on multiple subdomains using a single certificate. Subdomains on the certificate must all share the same primary domain.

For instance,,,,,and could all be secured using the same wildcard SSL as they all use the same primary domain. However, could not be used with this certificate, as it is using a different primary domain.

The Positive Wildcard SSL

Amfahtech Ltd is pleased to offer Comodo’s Positive Wildcard SSL (powered though Hostgator). This offers 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 bit encryption to protect both your domain and unlimited subdomains. Installation is free (to cover your primary domain and your first five subdomains – additional subdomains are £9 each for installation) and Comodo backs the Positive Wildcard SSL with a $10,000 limited warranty!

The Positive Wildcard is only £129.99 per year and can be ordered for up to three years via this form.

Subdomain Reissuing for Comodo

Each time you wish to have an additional subdomain load securely with https, the virtual host entries for the subdomain need to be added manually by our administrators. This is true even for new subdomains created through cPanel. Anytime you would like a new subdomain to load securely with the wildcard SSL, a re-issue request via phone or Live Chat will be necessary in order for it to work correctly.

We can also install this type of SSL on multiple servers. The fee is £69.99 for each additional server, with a limit of 100 servers maximum.

For installing a Wildcard SSL purchased elsewhere, we charge £69.99 + £9.00 for each additional subdomain after the first 5. However, we install this for £30.00 on a HostGator managed dedicated server plan.

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Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Why Choose an EV SSL?

An extended validation (or EV) SSL certificate offers the same secure connection and strong encryption as other SSLs.

However, EV certificates are designed to provide a higher standard of assurance for visitors by positively authenticating the business behind the domain. The green HTTPS address bar is exclusive to EV SSL certificates and reassures website visitors that they are interacting with a verified business on a secured domain.

Amfahtech Ltd offer the Comodo Extended SSL  (powered through HostGator)

Features of the Comodo Extended SSL

You can associate one (1) hostname with your Extended Validation SSL Certificate. A hostname can be a domain name (like or a subdomain (

The Comodo Extended SSL uses a 2048 bit signature and up to 256 bit encryption to protect both your site and the trust your customers place in you. Installation is free, and Comodo backs the EV SSL with a limited warranty totaling $1,750,000!

The Comodo Extended Validation SSL is only £269.99 per year and can be ordered for up to two years via this form.

Best of all, when people visit your site in secure mode (HTTPS), modern browsers will show a green address bar indicating the highest level of security for an SSL Certificate.

Extended Validation and the Green Address Bar

Before an EV SSL Certificate is issued, we must performs a rigorous validation to ensure that the green HTTPS address bar is only associated with the most trusted organizations.

green bar

Different browsers indicate certificate types differently. Most modern browsers indicate an extended SSL with a green address bar and/or a green lock. Regular SSL certificates are usually displayed as blue or gray instead.

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Q: Is a dedicated IP necessary for an SSL Certificate?
A: A dedicated IP is not necessary but having a dedicated IP costs an extra £49.00 a year
Q: What is a dedicated IP?
A: A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. This is in contrast to the normal configuration of several hosting accounts residing on a single server and sharing its IP address.
Q: How long will it take to set up my SSL Certificate?
A: It can take a few days as your business needs to be fully verified before an SSL can be issued
Q: Can I set up an SSL with you even though my domain is not with you?
A: Yes, as long as Amfahtech provide your hosting, we can set up your SSL on the hosting server.
Q: What is an SSL Certificate?
A: SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.