WordPress A Great Tool for Beginners

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June 9, 2017
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WordPress A Great Tool for Beginners

In the today's era wordpress has almost surpassed every other CMS (Content Management System) platforms for building the interactive websites with blogging system. There are plethora of reasons about why wordpress came out to be on the top which I will note in next blog later. Before getting into the reasons, there is a one thing which I believe is the most expressive of all, and that is its universality or should I say commonality with the internet and localhost. Let me quote a little story of mine about how I got into this internet world and started having interactions with the wordpress and many other content management platforms, although I love wordpress. It was the summer of 2014 when I was studying an engineering in Textile Sciences and Technology, my elder brother asked me to join this company Amfahtech and told that I have a chance of earning handful of money which I can enjoy being single. I accepted it and joined him, I didn't know any ABC about the websites and all the other things about Internet Marketing and other stuff, so he first gave me task of Search Engine Optimization and gave me a few hints so I slowly started looking all of them on Google and got acquainted with alot of things in SEO in no time. It was the time when I became Search Engine Optimization Manager - Well SEO MANAGER sounds more awesome :-D - Then there came the time when my brother asked me to go the man who was master of wordress to take few hints from him, I went to him and he gave me few videos and I returned home with nothing except videos to watch and learn. Now I don't even now how did I learn eveything but I believe that it were the videos who taught me a lot of great things about web designing, web development and other and till now I'm learning things and continue to learn here at amfahtech because it is a great platform for youth to make a change in their lives. I have continued working at Amfahtech despite getting graduated in Textile Engineering because I love working here making things designing things and much more

Now I'm at a stage where I'm fairly familiar with almost all the things that are considered necessary imperative in building the classically-designed interactive websites which you can see in our Portfolio

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