Q: I already do PPC, do I need to do SEO? What’s the difference?

A: Amfahtech.co.uk clients with the proper analytics in place have found that organic search engine optimisation (SEO) leads to many more sales than paid online advertising. Some find that Organic SEO visits convert to sales more than ten times better than PPC.

A well configured PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign is active instantly but can cost quite a lot. PPC is also vulnerable to click fraud, a very nasty and costly trick your competitors can use to undermine your PPC efforts. Additionally, PPC’s efforts disappear the second you stop paying. PPC has no effect on your page’s ranking in search engines.

SEO on the other hand is slower to start, taking from one to three months to get into high gear. But the rest is all good news. With SEO you’re impervious to competitors’ attacks and SEO effects are long lasting, allowing you to conquer new sets of terms regularly as your past efforts continue to succeed.