A: No. Amfahtech Ltd will only sign contracts if it’s what you want.  We agree to  the terms of SEO via email, which is just as good as a signed contract, legally speaking.
A: No monthly contract. We will bill you every month/hourly for SEO works carried out and the results you receive will speak for themselves. We do recommend a minimum of 3 months’ work on your SEO, however you are free to choose to end your SEO works at anytime. – Just give us 5 days’ notice to end all SEO works and provide your final invoice. We agree to as much via email, which, legally speaking, is just as good as a signed contract.
A: refrains from suggesting marketing tactics to customers.However we can provide facts for you to consider. What is important to remember is that merely advertising your business on online directories is not enough for to get your search engine listings up. Amfahtech provide an SEO service that includes many aspects and one of them will be to list your website on many online directories as part of your SEO. You may choose to work with other companies alongside to do a similar job.
A: clients with the proper analytics in place have found that organic search engine optimisation (SEO) leads to many more sales than paid online advertising. Some find that Organic SEO visits convert to sales more than ten times better than PPC. A well configured PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign is active instantly but can cost quite a lot. PPC is also vulnerable to click fraud, a very nasty and costly trick your competitors can use to undermine your PPC efforts. Additionally, PPC’s efforts disappear the second you stop paying. PPC has no effect on your page’s ranking in search engines. SEO on the other hand is slower to start, taking from one to three months to get into high gear. But the rest is all good news. With SEO you’re impervious to competitors’ attacks and SEO effects are long lasting, allowing you to conquer new sets of terms regularly as your past efforts continue to succeed.
A: SEO is an ongoing process, as Google wants to give its customers ‘current’ results. You need to ensure that your website is ‘current’, therefore when you have reached the first page of Google, we recommend that you continue marketing your website, although you may wish to lower the amount of time and money you spend on it.
A: Identifying keywords is the most interactive phase which you will need to get involved in. Once these have been decided and confirmed, we’re ready to take over and will not take much more of your valuable time.
If you are new to SEO and web marketing (or you have a new website) we will recommend that you give at least 3 months to your SEO to see good results. That is not to say that you might not see results before this time. Depending on the keywords you choose and the competition you have to face, you may even see results within just one month.
There are a few different factors that will determine how quickly (or slowly) results will come. This list includes, but isn’t limited to:
  • How much content you create
  • The quality of the content
  • How the content resonates with your audience
  • If you’re a big or small site with strong or weak domain authority
A large site could possibly see results in a couple of days if a search engines is crawling their site regularly. Smaller sites will most likely take longer because they get crawled less frequently. Wait at least a week, but probably closer to a month, before you consider changing your SEO strategy — a bit longer if you’re brand new to SEO.
White hat describes SEO that uses safe, best practices recommended by the search engines. Black hat techniques are specifically frowned upon by the search engines.