Big Web Design Predictions for 2023

Big Web Design Predictions for 2023

Web design trends keep continuously changing and improving the efficiency of websites. Major companies in Australia are working towards meeting these new standards and trends to improve their website’s efficiency.  So, here’s what major web design trends will look like next year and how they can help you improve the efficiency of your website and your online traffic.

Page speed

Page speed is probably that one web design trend that will never become irrelevant. It’s always appearing at the very top of the web design trend lists.

For that reason, you shouldn’t ignore page speed especially when you’re:

  • Creating new page designs
  • Launching website updates
  • Creating  a whole new website design

If you neglect your website’s page speed you’ll risk losing:

  • Ranking in search results
  • Online traffic
  • Conversions

Users are always looking for fast and efficient experiences and that’s why Google evaluates websites based on their loading speed. Google examines how fast your page loads once it becomes available. You can easily work on your page speed by compressing the images you use, condensing your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code, and using a CDN (content distribution network).


Simplicity is not a new element in web design. As a matter of fact, it has always been recommended to keep web design simple. However, it seems like not only will simplicity be desirable in web design next year, it will become a crucial element for successful and efficient web designs.

Online users are simply no longer interested in muddling through overly complicated websites with slow-loading pages and poor navigation. All of this occurs due to large motion graphics. What the future of web design brings is simplicity and practicality in every way possible.

With a simple yet effective colour scheme that uses just a few colours and an aesthetically pleasing theme, your products will be displayed nicely, the users won’t struggle to find what they need, and your website will be loading quickly.


The next factor on the list is accessibility. Now, this is not just about being able to avoid a six-figure fine. Accessibility of your web design is about allowing every user who visits your site to access and use it. Your goal is to create a website that every user has easy access to and can use easily.

There are certain standards that need to be met when you’re designing your website to make it widely accessible.

For instance, if you’re using a WordPress website, there are a few plugins available you can use.  You can either choose to use a tool or partner with a service provider. Either way, you should get started with ensuring accessibility as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the longer your site will be unusable to a huge number of online users. To ensure that your website is accessible to all, you can look up a reliable SEO company in Sydney whose experts can provide you with high-quality WordPress SEO services and ensure your site is running as smoothly as possible.


A lot of websites like to include a photo of their team at happy hour. While that may be a great way to add a personal touch to our website and introduce your employees, this trend probably won’t be desirable in 2023. Instead, companies are turning towards a different kind of feature that will most likely take over next year – illustrations. This modern and unique feature will make your website appear very artistic and inviting to users.

After visiting your website, the users are more likely to remember a unique illustration than a staged photo of your employees that all companies have used so far.

When creating an illustration for your website, try to make it fit with the rest of your website’s theme and design. Start by using the same colours you have in your logo. Try to create cohesion between the rest of your site’s plan and the illustration.

GIFs as graphics

Speaking of illustrations, GIFs seem to be taking over as well. Adding simple stock photos is simply not going to be enough anymore. Not only is this kind of feature boring to your audience but these stock photos also lack personality. Instead of using stock photos, a new trend in web design that will keep rising in 2023 is using animated GIFs as graphics.

Firstly, GIFs will keep your audience engaged with your content. They will stay on your page longer as they watch the GIFs keep playing in a loop. Also, this feature creates a unique design and boosts the user experience.


Just like GIFs, animations are also becoming one of the more popular features of web design next year.

More and more websites are adopting animations as part of their content. They are including animations on their home pages, brand logos, content in general, calls to action, and so much more.

Integration of Instagram for a personal touch

Another trend that will be very prominent in 2023 has to do with how brands interact with their customers mainly through social media. Using social media platforms such as Instagram to engage with your audience will be of great importance. For that reason, you need to include your other social media links on your website. Use that connection to create a strong bond with your target audience. Reach out to real customers, feature them in your campaigns, and interact with them through social media.

Voice optimisation

Voice shopping is becoming very popular these days. As a result, many companies are now optimising their websites for easier voice searches. This trend is likely to continue in 2023. If you want to boost your sales, optimising your website for voice searches is one of the best things you can do.

This will help your website reach a higher ranking on search engines. As you may already know, search engine rankings play a huge role in how high your online traffic is which can lead to boosting your sales and conversions. As Google search engines strive to deliver high-quality and efficient websites to their users, your website will perform better if you include a useful feature such as voice optimisation.

Mobile-friendly design

As you slowly adapt your website to new web design trends, make sure to consider your mobile audience.

The majority of users nowadays use mobile browsing more often than desktop browsing. To make your website widely accessible and easy for using, you need to make your website mobile-friendly.

This means that users need to be able to scroll and navigate through your website easily when using their phones. Make the navigations easy to see and understand. Make sure your website fits smaller screens. Ensure the fast loading time for mobile phones.

User experience (UX)

Your audience is the centre of your business. Everything you do is to reach your target audience and deliver what they’re looking for. That is why your UX design is so important.

The goal is to enhance your website’s user experience to make it as enjoyable and efficient for your audience as possible. With a positive user experience, your customers are more likely to stay on your site and learn more about it as well as come back again seeking information and services on your website. So, try to research your target audience, what they want to see on your website, and what elements would enhance their user experience on your site.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming a very important part of most web design trends and almost every area of marketing.

By implementing AI on your website, you will have access to useful data to help you meet your customers’ needs. For instance, many websites use chatbots to respond to their customers quickly and answer their questions. They save you a lot of time that you can spend focusing on running your business.


Lastly, minimalism is probably the most popular trend that many websites already started incorporating into their web design. The philosophy behind minimalism is that less is more. A minimalist design allows your users to find things on your website easily. It helps highlight the most important pieces of information. An overcrowded website makes it harder for people to navigate the pages and find what they’re looking for.

By using a minimalistic approach you will make your website more functional and the critical information will be clearly displayed for users to find.


Overall, 2023 is bringing some very interesting web design trends that you should definitely consider introducing to your website. They will boost your online traffic, improve the user experience, and help you reach a higher ranking on search results.

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